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About Us

The SMP Media Center works with various students of the Constructor University community to facilitate a new type of learning and assessment...


The SMP Media Center, as an integral part of the Society, Media, and Politics study program at Constructor University (formerly known as Jacobs University), offers students the opportunity to showcase their media projects as part of their assessments, with various options such as videos, podcasts, websites, animations, and other medium. The SMP Media Center is available to assist students in realizing their creative potential and developing the necessary skills required in today's job market.


In addition to providing state-of-the-art equipment for our students, the Media Center team also provides guidance and assistance to students throughout their creative process.

Moreover, the SMP Media Center has become a crucial hub for skill development in response to the ongoing pandemic. As digital communication has become increasingly vital, the Media Center is at the forefront of the university's adaptation to this trend.

 The SMP Media Center Team

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    Prof. Jakob Fruchtmann

    - SMP Department Chair - Director of SMP Media Center -

    - SMP Professor -


    Quan Dang

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    - Studio Manager -

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    Zixiang Wang


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