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Fighting Taboos and Busting Myths surrounding Menstruation

Our team is committed to informing the public about the not-so-secret topic of menstruation. We are tired of hearing falsehoods, hiding our products, and feeling ashamed. It's time to talk about "that time of the month" and feel comfortable asking questions, starting conversations. It's time to stop spending misconceptions and get informed. MM X SMP is here to do just that!

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تعرفي على معلومات عن الحيض باللغة العربية بالاطلاع على قائمة التشغيل أدناه

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A Community
Impact Project

As a Bachelors student at Jacobs University, we are required to participate in a Community Impact Project (CIP). Such projects are intended to help us develop personally, professionally, and academically, as well as draw us closer to our fellow residents in Bremen. This CIP group, in coordination with the SMP Media Center, has organized a project to translate relevant COVID-19 related news into vital languages for the greater Bremen community, such as: Russian, Turkish, Arabic, French, English, and Romanian. We are also working in coordination with the LVG and AFS in Bremen in order to spread and promote the important and research-supported public health messages. 


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