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Corona Reporting Project

A large collective of Jacobs University students have come together to create a weekly report about the latest CoVID-19 news and numbers. This report is translated into 6 different languages for the residents of Bremen. As part of their curriculum, students are partaking in a Community Impact Project (CIP), and these students goal is to spread important news to all residents of Bremen, so we can stop the spread of CoVID-19! 


Bringing the latest Corona-related news to you with help from LVG & AFS Bremen


Our reports can be found in English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, French & Romanian


Our weekly report gets you up-to-date with the latest CoVID-19 updates


We are happy to answer your questions, just reach out! 


Check out our Weekly Reports


The French Team

Nous vous apportons chaque semaine les actualités les plus importantes liées à la couronne.


The English Team

We are bringing you the most important corona-related news on a weekly basis. 


The Russian Team

Мы еженедельно предоставляем вам самые важные новости, связанные с короной.

Arabic team.jpg

The Arabic team

نقدم لكم أهم الأخبار المتعلقة بكورونا على أساس أسبوعي.

Turkish team.jpg

The Turkish Team

Korona ile ilgili en önemli haberleri haftalık olarak sizlere ulaştırıyoruz.


The Romanian Team 

Vă aducem săptămânal cele mai importante știri legate de corona.


A Community

Impact Project

As a Bachelors student at Jacobs University, we are required to participate in a Community Impact Project (CIP). Such projects are intended to help us develop personally, professionally, and academically, as well as draw us closer to our fellow residents in Bremen. This CIP group, in coordination with the SMP Media Center, has organized a project to translate relevant COVID-19 related news into vital languages for the greater Bremen community, such as: Russian, Turkish, Arabic, French, English, and Romanian. We are also working in coordination with the LVG and AFS in Bremen in order to spread and promote the important and research-supported public health messages. 

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