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SMP Media Center is a hub for all your necessities regarding student media projects - from providing essential equipment and studio space to consulting you through your creative processes!

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Rent equipment to take your production value to new heights through these 3 simple steps... 


Step 1 

Tell us what you need by filling out the Equipment Request form

Step 2 

Equipment Rentals

You get an email from us confirming the equipment availability along with further details

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Step 3 

*Equipment requests need to be sent at least 2 days before the intended pick-up day

Come to the SMP-Media Center at the time mentioned and get the equipment from one of our team members


*Studio Booking Option

If you need to book the studio space for your projects, please do so using the Studio Booking Schedule

*Studio bookings requests need to be submitted at least 5 days before the intended use day 
Please wait for the confirmation via email for your booking by a SMP Staff member

Talk with our Studio Managers
                 Quan Dang


Contact me at:

Whatsapp: +4915227891769

Zixiang Wang (Harry)


Contact me at:

Whatsapp: +8613940219369

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