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Here you can check out projects from our own students at Constructor University! Check out what our students have created, and get inspiration for your next media projects!

Student Projects 

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Women on Posters

Mass Media in Digital Contexts students created an instagram where they visually analyzed movie posters to answer the question: How are women depicted in Hollywood rom-com movie posters from the 1950s to 2010s, and how has this depiction changed in comparison to the respective previous decade (if applicable) and overall?


Remakes in the Age of Hybridization

MMDC Students Jeannie, Rufaro, and Angela created a podcast to cover the topic of remakes in the age of hybridization. Listen to their podcast to learn more! 

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Society, Media and Poverty

Students Ronja Bellinghausen, Hauke Fedderson, Nico Weers, Laila Habayeb, and Tara Vukcevic looked at how TV shows and Social Media display people living in poverty, focusing on the stereotypes and stigmatization that is being reinforced or created by the media. As a medium to present their results, they chose Instagram where they uploaded their interviews and survey results and shared their research via Infoposts.


In times of Corona

MMDC Students Paulina, Jitka, Jo, Minou, and Eleanor created a blog inclusive with videos to document their experiences during COVID-19


JoJo Speaks

MMDC Students Elias, Kopo, Courtney, and Sabine created a podcast to cover social issues that effect us all. Listen to their podcast to learn more! 

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TikTok as a Digital Media 

Students: Savannah, Julian and Mika, decided to make to series of informational Instagram posts about the social media platform 'TikTok'

Shared Humanity 

MMDC students Riley, Laura, and Kirsten produced an animation about what humanity means to different cultures around the world.

Social Media
& Self Image

MMDC students Quan Dang, Marija Ignjatic, Sergio Atarama, and Paul Gramberg interviewed 18 students, asking them to reflect on what social media means to them and their self-images, in a rapid-fire montage. Their final product is a 2-part series discussing the influence of social media on self-image, created for the Mass Media in Digital Contexts 21' media project.

EP 1

EP 2


M&MS: Music and Media 

A website curated to look into the history of music industries and the effects of modern digitization. Created by MMDC students: Abdullah, Atiya, Isabella, Luna, and Wyatt.

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Check out their video

This Could Be You 

One of many challenges that comes with Globalization is the understanding of intersectionality. What better way is there than to read an experience encountered by someone just like, but unlike you? Which emotion get triggered? What comments are made? Will compassion prevail or will judgement take over? Will experiences be validated or dismissed? Join us in exploring the complex possibilities of human. With love, in solidarity with the BLM movement.


Spams as a Mass Medium

MMDC students Niklas, Adweta, and Tin produced a video to inform the class on the influence of spam E-Mails, as well as their relationship to digitalization. 

Cultures of Luxury, Taste & Lifestyle 

Consumer Culture students Atiya, Sabine, and Feven produced a whiteboard sketch-noting video about the role luxury goods play in the consumer world.


Media, Culture & Digitalization II- Research Posters

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