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Broadening the Horizons of International Students at Constructor University Bremen


Society, Media, Politics

How it works


We can help you to bring your media project ideas to life

Acquiring the Tools

Borrow our equipment and use our tutorials to learn how they work


We can help you put the final touches on your project


Ask us for help at anytime, just schedule an appointment!

Video Courses

Check out what we have been working on! The SMP Media Center works on a mix of projects, providing our support for students in their media projects for final assessment, personal passion projects, and educational videos. Take a look at our latest ideas and projects to see what SMP is all about.

Connect with Students

See What We Do

Learn to Make an Impact

Whether it be with a camera, microphone, or any other tools, the main goal of SMP is to inspire changes in the world around us. This coincides with a wish to share this knowledge, passion, and determination to make an impact. 

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Interested in bringing your idea to life

We're available for you!

The SMP Media Center produces a lot of its own works, but runs on student energy. To keep innovation high, we want to help you with your project. Together, let's make something great! 

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